by The Valenzetti Equation

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released October 21, 2015



all rights reserved


The Valenzetti Equation Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"Trial of Eden" OUT NOW!

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Track Name: Deliverance
I bare the weight of my father's burdens.
Its pulling me down, deeper; below the surface
I can't take much more of this
You've put me at the end of my rope
Tearing through the pages of this tragedy you wrote

If it wasn't for you; I'd already be dead
But it seems as if you've beat me there
I would've gladly taken your place and filled the shoes that you've worn out

They shout it to the sky!
Why oh, why father, did you have to die?
Was the guilt too much for you? Were you filled with shame?
Or was it the blood on your hands that put you in your grave?

I am an orphan; a loss soul
How I long for a father; who can fill this whole
I know you are there within my reach
And with one cry, you could hear my plea
I hate what I've become
Set me free from the monster within me
I am a sinner, and unworthy of your grace
But my heart is sick; so dead and sick

You are delusional if you believe God can hear you
You are forever mine and I have you in my grasp
I will drag you to the depths of Hell
And tear the limbs from your lifeless body
You're God can't save you now

My body writhes in terror
My hands are clenched with fear

Memories of a not so distant past begin to creep in my mind
So ones I love; I have hurt the most
The devil's laughing in my face

My son; why have you falling astray?
I have never left you, or walked away
My love with lavish; and heal the wounds that have scared your soul
I will fill the gap that separate our unity
So take my hand and just left go
Let go of your demons

Tear it out of me
(I will return to the house, from which I came)